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CVC 3000 Detect - Vacuum Controller Bench-top Device

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail CVC 3000 Detect - Vacuum Controller Bench-top Device

CVC 3000 detect The CVC 3000 detect is a ready to use two-set-point vacuum controller - available both as bench-top device and as a unit designed for attaching to a lab scaffold. It consists of the vacuum controller CVC 3000 with integrated ceramic vacuum sensor and vent valve that forms together with a non-return valve and the chemically resistant solenoid valve a very compact and easy to install unit for vacuum control. For available vacuum sources such as oil-free vacuum pumps that you already own and efficient vacuum network supplies, the electronic control increases the process efficiency and decisively elevates the solvent recovery. In the “ detect” mode the controller does approach and detect independently the boiling pressure and switch to the two-point vacuum control mode. Manual settings are possible at any time during current operation. Performance features detect function for independent vapor pressure detection - time saving for other tasks compact unit with chemically resistant vacuum valve and common laboratory hose connections - immediately ready for use the vacuum measuring is integrated within the valve block - direct connection of the CVC 3000 detect between pump and vacuum application integrated venting valve - simple pressure balance or ventilation with inert gas at the end of the process non-return valve - no interference of parallel applications at a common vacuum source
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