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Duran® GL 45 Stirred Reactor Botol Kaca

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08 / 12 / 2019
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Suplier alat-alat laboratorium & Intrument untuk berbagai keperluan alat-alat laboratorium Microbiology, Chemical and Reagent, Equipment, Medical dan Glassware.

Detail Duran® GL 45 Stirred Reactor Botol Kaca

Duran® GL 45 Stirred Reactor

Properties: ● Drive using standard magnetic stirrers ● Variable stirrer shaft, can be used for 500 ml and 1 000 ml DURAN® GL 45 laboratory glass bottles ● Can be used up to 500 rpm ● Completely autoclaveable ● Temperature resistant up to 140 °C ● Compatible with the proven DURAN® connection systems; hoses with bores from 1.6 mm to 6.0 mm can be fitted ● Significantly improved through mixing compared to standard magnetic stirring bar ● Materials used PP/PTFE /PEEK/ stainless steel ● Parts in contact with media conform fully to FDA requirements ● Supply includes bottle (optional) Application: The above mentioned properties make the DURAN® stirred reactor ideal for the widest possible range of mixing processes in laboratories, e. g. mixing liquids or dissolving solids. The connections available permit you to introduce other media into the bottle or remove media during mixing. The whole assembly is autoclaveable, so that it can be used in biological applications, for simple fermentation processes, for example. With the aid of components from the DURAN® connection system you can connect extra media bottles or fit a sterile pressure
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