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Feed Tube Conversion Set. 1.187.2B Socorex

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29 / 01 / 2024
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Suplier alat-alat laboratorium & Intrument untuk berbagai keperluan alat-alat laboratorium Microbiology, Chemical and Reagent, Equipment, Medical dan Glassware.

Detail Feed Tube Conversion Set. 1.187.2B Socorex

Alat Laboratorium Mikrobiologi

Socorex Feed Tube Conversion Set. Cat. SOC-1.187.2B

The tube feeding conversion kit is intended for the conversion of a Socorex® veterinary self-refilling syringe with a vial holder into a tube feeding version. This conversion is reversible and avoids the need to have two different syringes in case the supply sources need to be modified from time to time.

The complete tube feeding conversion set includes : 1 meter of silicone hose, a suction nozzle and two suction and venting cannulas. The assembly and disassembly of the different parts on the Socorex® automatic syringes is done without the use of additional tools.

Whether it is the instrument with the vial or with the tube feeding, the syringe always retains the possibility of being autoclaved at 121° C.

See our veterinary syringes with vial holder.

Catalog No. : SOC-1.187.2B

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