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  • HAZDUST Air-Aide Airborne Particulate Monitor Model AA-3500

HAZDUST Air-Aide Airborne Particulate Monitor Model AA-3500

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Detail HAZDUST Air-Aide Airborne Particulate Monitor Model AA-3500

HAZDUST Air-Aide Airborne Particulate Monitor Model AA-3500 Air-Aide Airborne Particulate Monitor Model AA-3500 is a portable handheld survey tool for measuring lung damaging particulate matter. The unique sensor design has applications in indoor air quality, HVAC, environmental and industrial hygiene. Indoor air quality investigations will find the AA-3500 to be a very useful piece of equipment. With it' s battery lasting approximately 10 hours you can simply start your sampling at the beginning of the day and leave the AA-3500 to sample on its on for the rest of the day. The unit can also be run off of the supplied charger. At the end of the day simply download or even shut off the instrument, the data will be saved in the memory of the instrument until it is manually erased or overwritten. The ease of use with AA-3500 doesn' t get much simpler. Applications AA-35000 can be used for all sorts of particulate monitoring. The AA-3500 has several application uses seen below that can be helpful in developing an air regulation system. It can be used for both indoor ambient monitoring. The AA-3500 is an excellent assistant tool for the OSHA/ EPA/ ASHREA compliance methods. Giving you direct real-time readings in mg/ m³ . Lead Welding Fumes Silica Coal dust Wood/ Paper Concrete/ Cement Cadmium Nuisance Dusts Chromate Toxic Soil Remediation Tobacco smoke Construction Dust Dry Chemical Oil Mists Grinding Dusts Pharmaceuticals Spray Paint Grain Features The Air Aide Airborne particulate monitor has a multitude of features the list could go on forever, but for now we will just name a few. The AA-3500 immediately displays and stores data into the memory. The supplied PC software allows for graphical and statistical representation of the total dust generating process, eliminating the need for repetitive and costly filter gravimetric analysis. Direct reading with high resolution and stability. Active sample flow using a long-life air sampling pump. Location codes; user-defined audible alarm; security code restricts unauthorized use. Size Selective Impactors Rechargeable battery. Units run on AC or DC power. On-screen programming of sampling and data storage parameters. Selection of different built in-calibration factors for fine and coarse particulate matter. CE, ETL approved. Specifications Display: Alpha-numeric LCD, 4 line 20 character mg/ m³ concentration reading Operation: Four key splash proof membrane switch Calibration: NIOSH gravimetric method - NIST traceable - SAE fine test dust Accuracy: + / - 10% to filter gravimetric SAE fine test dust Sensing range: 0.001 to 20.0 mg/ m³ or .01 to 200 mg/ m³ ( optional) Particulate size range: .01 - 100 µ m Precision: ± .003 mg/ m³ ( 3 µ g/ m³ ) Sampling flow rate: 2 Lpm Analog output: 0-2 vdc Alarm output: 90dB at 3 ft Record time: 1 second to 15 months Sampling rate: Short Term - 2, 4, and 10 seconds Long Term - 1, 10 and 30 minutes Data storage: 21, 600 data points Memory & time storage: > 5 years Real-time clock & display: hours, minutes, seconds, day, month, year Data display: concentration in mg/ m³ & TWA, Maximum, Minimum, STEL, date, time Digital output: RS-232 Operation temperature: -10° C to 50° C Storage temperature: -20° C to 70° C DustComm Pro Software: Windows driven for graphical and data translation Power: Rechargeable battery Operating time: > 10 hours on fully charged battery Charging time: < 10 hours Humidity: 95% non-condensing Dimensions ( case) : 3 " x 6 " x 9 " Weight: 5 lbs Optional Accessories Radio Modem Impactors for PM-1.0, 2.5, 4.5( Respirable) , and 10 Calibration Standard Siren Strobe Light
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