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  • HAZDUST Haz-Dust Industrial Air Quality Monitor Model AQ-10

HAZDUST Haz-Dust Industrial Air Quality Monitor Model AQ-10

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Detail HAZDUST Haz-Dust Industrial Air Quality Monitor Model AQ-10

The Industrial Air Quality Monitor Model AQ-10, is a versatile transducer designed to continuously monitor for the presence of airborne particulates. The AQ-10 is calibrated for OSHA and EPA regulations. AQ-10 is suitable for monitoring particulate emissions from cyclones, precipitators, baghouses, or any dust control devices. It is also ideal for monitoring air quality in underground transportation systems, ventilation systems, indoor workplaces, or any other application where immediate data on smoke, dust, fumes, or mists is needed. The AQ-10 warns you of problems before they become trouble. The AQ-10 easily mounts on walls inside air ducts or at strategic locations in dust collectors, baghouses, or any dust control device. Units can be configured in a single or multipoint system. Applications Monitor PM-10 emissions for EPA title 1 compliance of the Clean Air Act. Continuous monitoring of particulate discharge from cyclones, baghouses or dust control devices. Multipoint monitoring of in-plant dust generating processes. Activates air cleaners/ ventilation systems. Continuous monitoring of in-line filter integrity. Indoor air quality monitoring. Air quality monitoring. Air quality in underground transportation systems. Aerosol exposure studies. Dry solids process control & monitoring. Can be used for all particulate air emissions monitoring applications. We will work with you to design a custom package to meet your specific application. The AQ-10 utilizes an optical layout consisting of an infrared emitter and silicon detector. As particles enter the sensing area an analog output, current or voltage, provides a signal which is proportional to the particle concentration. The signal can be sent to a recorder or central processing panel. Features Easy to install Flexible design for fixed point monitoring. Standard output of 4-20mA or optional 0-1V output Adjustable alarm Light weight and durable construction Optional LCD Concentration Display with read out in mg/ m³ Optional Nema 4X housing or Explosion Proof Enclosure EDC can help you custom design your own AQ-10 Specifications Sensing Range: 0.01-200 mg/ m³ ( standard) ; 0.1-2000 mg/ m³ or 0.001-200 mg/ m³ ( optional) Particle size range: 0.1-50 µ m Precision: + / - 0.02 mg/ m³ or + / - 0.004 mg/ m³ Power: 110 or 220 VAC; 12VDC wall transformer ( optional) Signal output: 4-20mA; 0-1 volt ( optional) Alarm output: 7 VDC Operating temperature: -4 to 150° F Humidity: 95% non-condensing Dimensions: 7.5 " x 4.5 " x 4 " approx Weight: 3 lbs. Optional Accessories NEMA 4x housing Explosion proof case Nitrogen purging LCD Concentration Display Internal air sampling pump Data acquisition card Wireless signal processing
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