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HI 2315 Bench-Top Conductivity Meter PH METER

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail HI 2315 Bench-Top Conductivity Meter PH METER

HI 2315 Bench-Top Conductivity Meter 

HI-2315 utilises a four ring potentiometric probe with platinum sensor that offers greater versatility and accuracy over amperometric designs.

A potentiometric probe works on the principal of induction which eliminates the effects of polarisation (a common problem of amperometric systems). Two outer rings apply an alternating voltage and induce a current loop in the solution while two inner rings measure the voltage drop induced by the current loop (which is dependent on the conductivity of the solution). By utilising the 4-ring method, it is possible to measure very low to high conductivity levels (up to 200 mS/cm) without changing probes.

Key features

  • Four ring potentiometric platinum probe
  • Four measurement ranges
  • ±1% F.s. accuracy
  • Manual calibration
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Large LCD
  • Built-in Solution Holders
  • Recessed Connector Bay - Protects connectors from liquids.


Ideal for

  • Municipal drinking water, environmental studies
  • Printing industry - Fountain solution maintenance
  • Water Treatment - Boiler/Cooling Tower water quality
  • Agriculture - Fertiliser concentration
  • Food processing - salt levels in food. (i.e. making pickles)
  • Education


Supplied with

HI-76303 Platinum 4-ring potentiometric conductivity probe, 12VDC adapter and instruction manual.

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