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  • HYDRO BIOS IWS Integrating Water Sampler Version II

HYDRO BIOS IWS Integrating Water Sampler Version II

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17 / 12 / 2019
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Detail HYDRO BIOS IWS Integrating Water Sampler Version II

HYDRO BIOS IWS Integrating Water Sampler Version II IWS Integrating Water Sampler Version II The IWS sampler has been developed to take integrated samples from a watercolumn in accordance to meet the proposed requirements of the EU-WFD. The sampler is equipped with a small motor unit on top which is controlled via the built-in pressure sensor and a small electronic control unit. This will guarantee a complete sampling of the whole water column up to the desired depth. Power supply is given by recharchable Ni-Mh accumulators. New in Version II : Power Unit is mounted outside in a separate housing Quickstart-button– will activate the sampler when using the same depth programming as before Protocol - integrated in OceanLab3 Software The IWS II is very simple to use: The desired depths ( start and a final depth free selectable) are programmed and stored in the sampler via handterminal or pc with OceanLab 3 Software. The recommended speed for lowering is shown in the display. Then the sampler is lowered into the water. The electronics will regulate if lowering is not constant - moving of the boat or rough sea etc. After reaching the final depth the sampler can pulled up with a total content of 2.5 or 5 litres. Due to the free selectable depth it is possible to get samples even from a segment of the water column. Technical Data length 620 or 880 mm volume 2, 5 or 5, 0 litres material POM, acrylic, titanium, stainless steel weight 7 or 8 kg on air operation approx. 20 operations without realoding max. depth 100 metres Options deepsea-version until 1.000 metres water depth online-version controlling and direct depth-reading via handterminal/ PC ( RS 232 - approx. 50 metres or via single conductor cable) multisampler-system inside a rosette array to sample several depth integrated
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