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  • K47920 Benchtop EDXRF Elemental Analyzer

K47920 Benchtop EDXRF Elemental Analyzer

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Detail K47920 Benchtop EDXRF Elemental Analyzer

K47920 Benchtop EDXRF Elemental Analyzer


For the determination of total sulfur in petroleum and petroleum products that are single-phase. These materials can include diesel fuel, jet fuel, kerosene, other distillate oil, naphtha, residual oil, lubricating base oil, hydraulic oil, crude oil, unleaded gasoline, gasohol, and similar petroleum products.
Also, for the determination of the total lead content of a gasoline.

EDX3000 Elemental Analyzer
The K47920 EDXRF can analyze a large array of elements from 11Na to 92U in solids, liquids, alloys, powders and thin films. The Advanced model delivers rapid qualitative and quantitative determination of major and minor atomic elements in a wide variety of sample types. The Silicon Drift Detector provides superior data quality and the multiple automated tube filters enhance sensitivity. Also, polarized excitation is used for lower detection limits.

Software Features 
• Menu Based Software for control of spectrometer functions and data analysis
• Application templates
• Simple Flow Bar Wizard to create new methods
• Profile Fitting Software for qualitative and quantitative analysis
• Matching library for augmentation of Fundamental Parameters
• Automatic spectral overlap deconvolution
• Empirical Calibration with overlap and matrix compensation


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Conforms to the specifications of:
ASTM D4294, D5059, D7220, ISO 20847, ISO 8754, IP 496, IP 336, JIS K 2541-1
50 kV X-Ray Tube with Pd Anode
50W Maximum Power
4 Standard Polarization and Secondary Targets depending on application, for optimum excitation
Optional Fifth Target for Optimal Excitation of Na and Mg
High Performance Silicon Drift Semiconductor Detector
Peltier Electronic Cooling
Optimum Balance of spectral resolution and high count rate
Detection Limits (LLD):
Sulfur: 0.54 ppm
Chlorine: 0.3 ppm
Lead: 0.0002 g/L
Nickel and Vanadium: 1 ppm
Iron: 2 pp,
Sample Chamber: 
Large 38cm dia. X 10cm deep sample chamber for bulk samples
15-Position Automatic Sample Changer (32mm Sample Cups)
Analysis in Air, Helium Purge, or Vacuum Available
User Interface (Computer):
External PC Computer System including:
Microsoft Windows Vista Operating System
Keyboard and Mouse, Monitor
Environmental Conditions:
Ambient Temperatures 18 - 28°C (65 - 82°F)
Relative Humidity < 75% 
Vibration undetectable by human
Free from corrosive gas, dust, and particles
Electrical Requirements:
100/240V, 1.4A, 50/60Hz
Single Phase AC

Dimensions wxdxh,in.(cm)
23.6 x 23.6 x 15.7 (60 x 60 x 40)
Net Weight: 127 lbs (80 kg)

Ordering Information
Product Description

EDX3000 Benchtop EDXRF Elemental Analyzer, 100/240V



Product Description

10 Position Sample Tray (35 – 40 mm)


9 Position Sample Tray with Sample Spinner

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