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  • Koehler K10400 Oxidation Stability of Fuels, Liquid Baths

Koehler K10400 Oxidation Stability Of Fuels, Liquid Baths

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Detail Koehler K10400 Oxidation Stability Of Fuels, Liquid Baths

Test Method
Provides an indication of the tendency of gasoline and aviation fuels to form gum in storage. The sample is oxidized inside a stainless steel pressure vessel initially charged with oxygen at 100psi (689kPa) and heated in a boiling water bath. The amount of time required for a specified drop in pressure (gasoline) or the amount of gum and precipitate formed after a specific aging period (aviation fuels) is determined.

Features and Benefits 
• Water/Liquid baths conforming to ASTM and related specifications. Constant temperature baths for heating K10500 Oxidation Pressure Vessels in accordance with ASTM specifications.

Solid Block Oxidation Baths 
Solid block baths meet temperature control and other requirements of ASTM and related measurements. While aluminum block design offers operating advantages over the standard boiling water bath, it should be noted that many applicable specifications for this test call for a liquid bath medium. Please refer to the test method for the specific requirements.

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