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01 / 12 / 2019
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Contact :
Marketing : Bpk Juni / 08111980702
Marketing : Ibu Pera / 085210207070
Telp : 021 - 42803207
Fax : 021 - 42803208
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Suplier alat-alat laboratorium & Intrument untuk berbagai keperluan alat-alat laboratorium Microbiology, Chemical and Reagent, Equipment, Medical dan Glassware.


Specification : Model IN-010 series Capacity 16, 40, 57, 75, 90, 110, 150, 200 L Control system Microprocessor system Temp control PID Temp setting Digital Temp readout Digital Air convection Forced convection by fan Temp uniformity ± 3.0º C at 37º C Temp stability ± 0.5º C at 37º C Over-temp alarm & shutout Yes, 4º C to the set point Timer Digital, 99 hr. 59min. + HOLD Temperature range Ambient + 5º C to 75º C Standard accessory 2 S/ S mesh shelves, adjustable Key Features: FEATURES 1 Temperature uniformity & Stability are approximated which may be varied under the different operation environment. 2 The above specifications are subject to change without advanced notice. - Intended use: For microbiological studies for tissue culture and viruses incubation. - A viewfinder ( window) made by temper glass mounted on front door easy for monitoring specimens, which ensures to prevent from the possible broken glass door and also do not require to open door for monitoring samples. - Features a double-walled chamber insulated by glass fiber for durability and good heat retention. ( Rock wool can create respiratory disease and cancer.) - Timer is working only when the set temperature has been stabilized. Functions audible & visible alarm against the over heating. - Adjustable fresh air inlet port at bottom and top provides control of the amount of convective air. - Built-in module temperature controller provides an accurate temperature display - Safety devices: - Over temperature alarm and shutout to 4º C above set point. - Independent safety switch protects specimen from excessive heating at 80º C if the primary control fails. - Optional leakage breaker with O.C. - Audible & visible alarm indicated by lamp - Timer is displayed by “ END” when the incubation cycle is completed. When alarm is working. - Memory stores the temperature and the past time if door is opened during operation
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