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Suplier alat-alat laboratorium & Intrument untuk berbagai keperluan alat-alat laboratorium Microbiology, Chemical and Reagent, Equipment, Medical dan Glassware.


OLYMPUS CX21 MICROSCOPE The CX21 sets a new standard in educational microscopy for biological applications. Solid, easy to operate and reliable for routine educational users and veterinary lab work. Superior imaging Plan objectives are packaged as standard, providing image flatness that is among the best in this class The CX21 is equipped with the same UIS optical system used in Olympus’ top-level microscopes. In addition, Plan Achromat objectives are included as standard for the first time in this class of microscope, providing sharp images with high contrast right up to the edge of the field of view. Bright, uniform illumination The CX21' s 6V20W high intensity halogen lamp delivers clear, stable illumination. The built-in aspheric collector lens provides images that are bright and uniformly illuminated over the entire field of view. Abbe condenser for optimized contrast The optimal aperture stop position for each objective is clearly marked on the Abbe condenser, resulting in high-resolution, high-contrast images. Easy, safe operation Rackless stage for durability and ease of use The wire-driven stage movement avoids any protrusion of racks preventing the possibility of accidental damage or hand injury. Abrasion resistant rackless design ensures continuous smooth movement. Component security — Student proof ! The eyepieces, objectives and condenser are all factory attached to the microscope body ensuring that no component is dropped or detached during transportation or regular use. Ultra-smooth, quadruple revolving nosepiece High-precision machining ensures smooth operation and durability. Nosepiece includes a rubber ring for an easy ergonomic grip. Mechanical stage focus-lock prevents mishaps The focus position can be locked making it easy to refocus when the specimen is changed. With the upper stage position locked, there is no chance of the objective accidentally touching the slide and damaging either the specimen or the objective itself. Use in any environment Anti-fungus treatment for component durability An effective anti-fungus treatment is applied to the objectives, eyepieces and observation tube for consistent image clarity and long operating life even in hot humid work conditions. Compact design, easy to store and carry The CX21 is only 383 mm high, compact enough to be stored in a typical classroom cabinet. A cord-rest and wooden storage box are also available as an option, for convenient storage and portability. Mirror unit allows observation with no power source Attachment of the optional mirror unit allows observations to be made even when no power source is available. When an external light source is used, the observation head can be reversed and the slide can be view through a large opening in the arm. Suitable for any user Individual choice of adjustment Binocular observation tube is inclined 30 degrees allowing for an ergonomic, comfortable posture during observation. Eyepeices can be easily set for multiple users with a scaled interpupillary distance adjustment and diopter setting. High eyepoint design eyepieces with F.N.18 can be used comfortably without removing eyeglasses. Tension adjustment for smoother focusing The coaxial coarse/ fine focusing knob is operable from either the left or right side. Coarse movement tension can be adjusted in accordance with personal preference. Ergonomic design for user convenience The focusing knob, light control adjustment knob and stage handle are located close together, the user can work with hands on the desk and operate the CX21 with minimal movement. Specifications Optical system : • UIS ( Universal Infinity System) optical system Illumination System : • Built-in transmitted illumination system • 6V20W halogen bulb • 100-240V 50/ 60Hz universal voltage Focusing : • Stage height movement ( coarse movement stroke 20mm) • Fine focus graduation: 2.5¼ m Revolving nosepiece : • Fixed quadruple nosepiece Stage : • Wire movement mechanical fixed stage: 120X132mm • Traveling range: 76mm( X) X30mm( Y) • Single specimen holder Observation tube : • 30° inclined binocular tube • Interpupillary distance adjustment range 48-75mm Condenser : • Abbe type with aperture iris diaphragm N.A.: 1.25 Objective lens : • Plan Achromatic objectives ( anti-fungus) • 4X N.A.: 0.10 W.D.: 22.0mm • 10X N.A.: 0.25 W.D.: 10.5mm • 40X N.A.: 0.65 W.D.: 0.56mm • 100X N.A.: 1.25 W.D.: 0.13mm ( option) Eyepiece ( 10X) : • Field Number ( F.N.) : 18 ( anti-fungus) Optional accessories : • Mirror unit, 15X eyepiece ( F.N. 12, anti-fungus) , cord rest, wooden storage box, filar micrometer, wire pointer, filter holder, darkfield stop Wooden storage box A wooden storage box is available as an optional accessory. It is convenient, sturdy and includes a handle r easy carrying. Dimensions: 264( W) X 305( D) X 474( H) mm
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