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  • PERKIN ELMER Avio 560 Max ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer

PERKIN ELMER Avio 560 Max ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer

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17 / 04 / 2024
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Suplier alat-alat laboratorium & Intrument untuk berbagai keperluan alat-alat laboratorium Microbiology, Chemical and Reagent, Equipment, Medical dan Glassware.

Detail PERKIN ELMER Avio 560 Max ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer

Alat Laboratorium Mikrobiologi

Deskripsi produk
Avio 560 Max ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer

From fast to faster, the Avio® 560 Max is a compact, fully simultaneous ICP-OES instrument with a built-in High Throughput System (HTS) sample introduction module. This combination allows you to take 1.5-minute runs down to 30 seconds, ideal for commercial testing and manufacturing QA/QC laboratories. In addition to its throughput capabilities, the Avio 560 Max is engineered to handle even the most difficult, high-matrix samples without dilution, delivering productivity, performance and faster return on investment. And last but certainly not least, Syngistix™ for ICP software provides an intuitive and smart environment with smart monitoring for real-time instrument and sample diagnostics as well as results viewing to easily track sample analysis, quality control, and internal standard performance to guarantee sample accuracy.

Part Number N0810003


Proprietary features on the Avio 560 Max ICP-OES include:

Built-in HTS sample introduction module brings 1.5-minute runtimes to 30 seconds
Flat Plate™ plasma technology delivers a more robust, stable plasma, the lowest argon consumption of any ICP, and is maintenance-free
PlasmaShear™ system offers maintenance-free, argon-free interference removal
Universal Data Acquisition in Syngistix software, only available on the Avio 550/560 Max, enables simultaneous acquisition of all available wavelengths, with virtually no time or storage penalty
Vertical plasma torch design provides 100% matrix tolerance, minimizing sample preparation time
Dual view optimizes axial and radial plasma viewing to the extended linear dynamic range, measuring high and low concentrations in the same run, regardless of wavelength
Advanced optical system with free-form and off-axis coated optics brings improved precision, accuracy and speed
Color PlasmaCam™ provides continuous viewing of the plasma, simplifying method development and enabling remote diagnostic capabilities
Syngistix for ICP Software delivers an intuitive, left-to-right, icon-based design, mirroring the progression of your workflow with smart features that guide you through each step for greater control and confidence

21 CFR Part 11 Compatible
84.0 cm
87.0 cm
1 Year
163.0 kg
76.0 cm
Application Note
Rapid Water Analysis Following U.S. EPA 200.7 Using the Avio 560 Max ICP-OES

With the growth of industry, pollution and wastes continue to be produced in greater and greater quantities, resulting in an increasing number of samples which need to be analyzed for trace elements in accordance with U.S. EPA Method 200.7.

In an effort to meet this increased demand, the Avio® 560 Max fully simultaneous ICP-OES incorporates a built-in High Throughput System (HTS) for rapid sample-to-sample times. The HTS is a valve-and-loop system which minimizes the time required for the sample to reach the nebulizer and washout time after analysis by using a vacuum to both rapidly fill and wash the sample loop. This work demonstrates the ability of the Avio 560 Max ICP-OES to perform rapid analysis – 60 seconds sample to sample – of wastewater in accordance with U.S. EPA Method 200.7.

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