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Rocker 300DC

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Marketing : Bpk Juni / 08111980702
Marketing : Ibu Pera / 085210207070
Telp : 021 - 42803207
Fax : 021 - 42803208
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Suplier alat-alat laboratorium & Intrument untuk berbagai keperluan alat-alat laboratorium Microbiology, Chemical and Reagent, Equipment, Medical dan Glassware.

Detail Rocker 300DC

Æ No air pollution, maintenance free Rocker series pumps are driven by Piston, without the need of lubricant, regular oil changes and maintenance; with no oil pollution. Æ Prote™ over flow protection Rocker series pumps are equipped with Prote™  filter cartridge which can prevent a large amount of liquid from being sucked into the pump by negligence. It can also  filter particle and moisture to prolong the service life of pump. Æ Thermal protection device Every motor of Rocker series pumps has a built-in thermal protection device to shut off the pump automatically when overheated and then resume working when the temperature cools down. International safety certi cation : Æ CE certification Æ CSA certi cation Applications : Æ Filtration for microbiology test Æ Air sampling Æ Suspended solid test Æ Vacuum filtration Ordering Information : Æ 167330-00 Rocker 300DC, DC Power Vacuum Pump ( DC12 V)
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