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Schaller FSO Grain Online Moisture Measurement

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07 / 03 / 2024
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Suplier alat-alat laboratorium & Intrument untuk berbagai keperluan alat-alat laboratorium Microbiology, Chemical and Reagent, Equipment, Medical dan Glassware.

Detail Schaller FSO Grain Online Moisture Measurement

Alat Laboratorium Mikrobiologi

Deskripsi produk
FSO Grain online moisture measurement
Precise fully automatic online whole grain moisture measuring system in the bypass with integrated hectoliter weight determination and sample temperature measurement
High accurate moisture measurement
Determination of hectoliter weight
Optimization of the dryer performance
Reduction of the fuel consumption
Processing speed control
Compliance with the humidity setpoint
Optimization of quality and quantity
Lifetime Support
The FSO Online measurement system is the best solution for Improving dryer performance and fuel consumption in the agri-food industry.
The drying process is of significant importance for the quality of the end product and further material processing. Dryer systems can be placed in different parts of the process depending on specific needs: during drying for storage or before material processing to meet recipe specifications, or during material processing. To control dryer performance, various parameters will indicate if it is necessary to make adjustments.

Areas of Application:
The FSO has been specially developed for online moisture measurement of bulk materials such as grain, beans, rice, seeds and similar. The sensor measures moisture, water content, hectolitre weight and temperature with each measurement.

The measuring method is characterized by very high accuracy, reliability and easy operation. The installation is carried out individually according to the existing conditions (see schematic representation of the installation examples as a download). All calibration characteristics (types) common in Europe are stored as standard. Customized characteristic curves can be easily created or adjusted. When changing the material, the corresponding calibration curve can be easily adjusted on the sensor display or from the PC in the control station. Thanks to the online moisture measurement data, the entire system can be operated more efficiently and the quality can be significantly increased.
Optimization of the dryer performance
Reduction of the fuel consumption
Processing speed control
Compliance with the humidity setpoint
Optimization of quality and quantity
Measuring cell also available with separate control unit
Diverse outputs (analogue / digital)
Easy connection of database to existing systems
Diverse installation possibilities
Operation from a PC or at the place of installation via touch pane
Technical data
Measuring range
3 to 50% water content (depending on variety)
Display resolution
0,01% water content
Resolution temperature
0,1 ° C
Resolution hectoliter weight
0,1 kg/hl
Calibration accuracy to reference material
+/- 0,4%
Ambient temperature
0 to +50 °C
Material temperature
0 to +60 °C
Analog output humidity
0..50% corresponds to 4..20 mA
Analog output temperature
0..60 °C corresponds to 4..20 mA
Power Supply
24VDC (max. 60W)
Compressed air connection
Ø 4 mm, 5 bar +/- 0,5 bar
Sample quantity
ca. 800 ml
Measurement time
15 seconds
Volume flow
max. 3,2 l/min
7 inch color touch display
860 x 700 x 260 mm
32 kg
Menu languages
English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian and Russian

Further information
Folder FSO
Instruction manual FSO
Handling and measurement process
The water content can only be kept exactly at a target value through permanent measurement during the drying process. Quality and yield can be increased enormously. This means that with the same drying time, there is a higher throughput and thus reduced drying and heating costs per kg of grain. The amortization of the investment costs for the FSO The online system can thus be reached in a reasonable time.

Online measurement of whole grain:
With the online measuring device FSO Schaller Messtechnik GmbH offers a complete system for measuring moisture, bulk density and temperature of grain, beans, seeds and other bulk materials. The sensors for determining the water content are based on a high-frequency capacitive measuring method. An integrated scale and an infrared temperature sensor enable the determination of the hectoliter weight and the exact non-contact measurement of the sample temperature.

The measuring system can be used in storage, in mill operation, in acceptance or in various cleaning processes. Upon acceptance, the wheat can be stored in silos according to the determined water and bulk density content. During cleaning, the consistency of the moisture content of the wheat mixture can be checked. The acquisition costs can also be amortized for online measurement of whole grain. Used in drying or cleaning, for example, the current water content can be passed on to the control system and used to control the drying/mixing ratio.

Advantages of online measurement:

With the use of an online measuring device from Schaller Messtechnik, the quality parameters of the end products are continuously monitored and registered. This allows the constant quality of the end products to be documented. Control measurements by the laboratory are indispensable, but can be greatly reduced. The stored measured values ​​can be read out at any time and serve as proof of quality and for traceability of production.


Periodic sampling for quality control has shortcomings. In addition, it only represents a snapshot of the production, the stability of the production can only be insufficiently documented with individual samples. A necessary correction of the process can only be made with a delay, since measuring the water content in the laboratory is time-consuming. This applies in particular if recognized reference methods are used in the laboratory. Today's quality standards require seamless monitoring of production data. Consistent quality of the end products must not only be guaranteed, but also increasingly documented. The traceability of the production data must be guaranteed. Continuous quality assurance can be carried out with an online measurement of the water content. That FSO The online system from Schaller Messtechnik GmbH helps to produce consistent quality in the whole grain area while saving costs and time.

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