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Vacuum Valves And Small Flange Components

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Suplier alat-alat laboratorium & Intrument untuk berbagai keperluan alat-alat laboratorium Microbiology, Chemical and Reagent, Equipment, Medical dan Glassware.

Detail Vacuum Valves And Small Flange Components

At VACUUBRAND, we make our own valves and components and inspect them carefully before shipment to ensure integrity. Our wide range of vacuum valves and small-flange components can be used alone or in combination, in the most simple or complex vacuum systems. Our components are appropriate both for connections to VACUUBRAND pumps and for all valves and components with DIN 28403 ( ISO 2861-1) small flange ( KF) dimensions. Many components and subassemblies are available in stainless steel, aluminum, brass or plastic. We offer elastomer seals made of NBR and FKM as well as metallic seals made of aluminum or indium. We round out the line with a great variety of resilient connecting elements and small-flange components that serve most vacuum system needs Ball valves They are the simplest type of shut-off device. They open up the entire cross-section. Therefore they can be used with load lock chambers. Diaphragm valves VM diaphragm valves are engineered for applications with corrosive and aggressive gases and vapors. Stainless steel housings and PTFE diaphragms offer excellent resistance for use in chemistry laboratories. High-vacuum bellow valves Stainless steel bellows-sealed angle valves with valve body made of aluminum or stainless steel ( WIG) . The VE WIG series valves with tungsten inert gas-welded valve body meet the toughest standards in terms of leak rate, outgassing and baking-out for the high vacuum range. In-line valves VS series valves are space-saving butterfly-type in-line valves with good conductance. High-vacuum right angle bellow valve VE Gas inlet valve VGL Ball valve VKE Connection elements for small flange components The sealing ring for the seal between two components is held in place by the centering ring. The clamping ring is used to hold and mechanically compress the sealing ring. Clamping rings Aluminum clamping rings with a wing nut are a rapid connection that can be mounted without any tools for soft ( primarily rubber-elastic) seals and indium seals. Centering rings Centering rings made of stainless steel are self-centering with sealing ring at the outside VACUUBRAND trapped O-ring centering ring The trapped O-ring centering ring is externally centered on the outside diameter of the small flange. The seal is pressed into a radius on the inside of the centering ring so that there are no gaps on the vacuum side. External centering allows the same ring to be used for two consecutive standard-rated widths ( such as KF DN 10/ 16) . This also makes transitional centering rings unnecessary. Centering rings CROSS PIECES WITH SMALL FLANGES KF PTFE VACUUM TUBINGS with small flanges KF Small flange components VACUUBRAND small flange components have particularly reliable sealing properties because the sealing surfaces are lathed for optimum surface roughness. Application range: Up to high vacuum at approximately 10-6 mbar. Aluminum components are tested to a leakage rate of < 10-6 mbar l/ s, stainless steel components are tested to < 10-9 mbar l/ s. Flexible connection elements Flexible hoses made of natural rubber or PVC are enjoying great popularity in laboratories. For more demanding applications VACUUBRAND offers special hoses made of antistatic PTFE with small flanges made of 1.4305 stainless steel. The PTFE tubing is virtually smooth-walled on the inside with high conductance and minimal surface area, which keeps condensate from accumulating like in corrugated hoses. The antistatic PTFE has excellent resistance to chemicals and antistatic properties ( < 107 Ohm resistance between the inside and flanges) to prevent electrostatic charging. Stainless steel bellows and corrugated hoses with TIG-welded small flanges meet high requirements in terms of outgassing and cleanliness. These metallic hoses are made of 1.4541 stainless steel and are vacuum annealed.
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