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Alat laboratorium umum TSI VelociCalc Pro 9650 - Multi-Function Ventilation Meter with Probe Option Large, high-resolution color display and intuitive menu structureVariety of optional smart plug-in probesIntegrated magnets for hands-free operationDesigned to measure a wide variety of parameters accurately and reliablyStatic and differential pressure measurement; K-factor flow; supports pitot probeThe VelociCalc Meter Model 9650 is used to measure HVAC system pressures and can be connected to pitot probes for performing duct traverses. Its ergonomic design includes a probe holder and integrated magnets allowing for attachment to exposed ductwork or other metallic surfaces for hands-free operation. The Model 9650 is designed to work with a wide range of plug-in probes for measuring air velocities or IAQ parameters. In addition, the 9650 includes built-in workflows for calculating the percentage of outside air when used with an IAQ probe, heat flow calculations for testing heating and cooling coils when used with probe Model 964 or 966, and grid-guided duct traverse methodologies.  ApplicationsHVAC testing and balancingClean room testingBiological safety cabinet and lab fume hood testingHVAC commissioning and troubleshootingIAQ investigationsThermal comfort studiesVentilation evaluationsProcess airflow testing

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