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KYORITSU Ior Logger KEW 5050

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05 / 03 / 2024
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Marketing : Ibu Pera / 085210207070
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Suplier alat-alat laboratorium & Intrument untuk berbagai keperluan alat-alat laboratorium Microbiology, Chemical and Reagent, Equipment, Medical dan Glassware.

Detail KYORITSU Ior Logger KEW 5050

Alat Laboratorium Mikrobiologi

Deskripsi produk
Unpreceded Ior Logger!
• Provides simultaneous measurements and logs up to 4 channels
• Supports various wiring systems (Single-phase 2&3-wire, Three-phase 3&4-wire)
• World’s fastest 200ms interval for leakage current measurement
• Offers both traditional leakage / load current measurements
• Large graphic display and magnet on the back case to attach it on metal enclosures

Wiring configuration
1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W, 3P4W
Measurements and
Ior : Leakage current (Trms) with resistive components only
Io : Leakage current (Trms) with basic wave of 40 - 70Hz
Iom : Leakage current (Trms) including harmonic components
V : Reference voltage (Trms) with basic wave of 40 - 70Hz
Vm : Reference voltage (Trms) including harmonic components
R : Insulation resistance, Frequency(Hz), Phase angle(θ)
Other functions
Digital output, Print screen, Back light, Data hold
Recording Interval

For reference voltages of sine wave 40 - 70Hz and 90V Trms or higher,
±0.2%rdg±0.2%f.s. + clamp sensor amplitude accuracy + error of phase accuracy*
(phase error)
* add ±2.0%rdg to measured Io value when using Ior leakage clamp sensor.
(θ: within the accuracy of reference voltage/ current phase difference ±1.0°)
Allowable input
1% - 110% (Trms) of each range, and 200% (peak) of the range
Display range
0.15% - 130% (display “0” for less than 0.15%, “OL” if the range is exceeded)
Io *Range, Allowable input and Display Range are the same as Ior .

±0.2%rdg±0.2%f.s.+ clamp sensor amplitude accuracy
Iom *Range, Allowable input and Display Range are the same as Ior .

±0.2%rdg±0.2%f.s.+ clamp sensor amplitude accuracy
Sampling speed 40.96ksps (every 24.4μs), gapless, calculate Trms values every 200ms.

±0.2%rdg±0.2%f.s. * for waveforms of sine wave 40 - 70Hz
Allowable input
10 - 1000V Trms, and 2000V peak
Display range
0.9V - 1100.0V Trms (display “0” for less than 0.9V, “OL” if the range is exceeded)
Phase angle(θ)

Display range
0.0° - ±180.0° (regarding the phase of reference voltage as 0.0°)
Within ±0.5° for the inputs of 10% or higher of leakage current range,
sine wave 40 - 70Hz, reference voltage of 90V Trms or higher.
Within ±1.0° when using Ior leakage clamp sensor, and
Within ±0.5°+ clamp sensor accuracy when using general purpose clamp sensor.
Frequency meter range
40 - 70Hz
External supply
AC100 - 240V(50/60Hz) 7VA max
Power source
LR6(AA)(1.5V) × 6 (Battery life approx. 11h)
Display / update period
160 × 160dots, FSTN monochrome display / 500ms
PC card interface
SD card (2GB) *standard accessory
PC communication
USB Ver2.0
Temperature and
humidity range
23±5°C, less than 85%RH(without condensation)
Operating temperature
and humidity range
-10 - 50°C less than 85%RH(without condensation)
Storage temperature
and humidity range
-20 - 60°C less than 85%RH(without condensation)
Applicable Standards
IEC 61010-1 CAT Ⅳ 300V , CAT Ⅲ 600V Pollution degree 2
IEC 61010-2-030 , IEC 61010-031 , IEC 61326
165(L) × 115(W) × 57(D)mm
approx. 680g (including batteries)
7273 (Voltage test lead)
8262 (AC adapter)
7278 (Earth cable)
7219 (USB cable)
8326-02 (SD card 2GB)
9125 (Carrying case)
Instruction manual, Cable marker, Software installation manual
LR6(AA) × 6
KEW Windows for KEW 5050(PC software)
8177/8178 (Ior Leakage current Clamp Sensor)
8329 (Power supply adapter)
8121/8122/8123/8124/8125/8126/8127/8128 (Load current Clamp Sensor)*
8130/8133 (Flexible Clamp Sensor)*
8146/8147/8148 (Leakage & Load current clamp sensors)*
Shows insulation resistance (R) values determined by the following formula.
V: Reference voltage/ Ior: Leakage current
Displayed value is just for reference since the measurement method differs from insulation resistance testers and may not be consistent with each other.
* Cannot be used for Ior measurement.

Ior logger and clamp sensor set model
*Included accessories for below models are same with above-mentioned.

KEW 5050-018178 (φ68mm) × 1
KEW 5050-028177 (φ40mm) × 1

Hubungi :

Juni Tarigan (Mr.)

0811 198 0702

Pera (Ms.)

0811 3801 0819




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